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Why use Follicle Fuel? 

Growing thicker, fuller hair and reversing brittle, thinning hair is very easy to do; it’s not as mysterious as people believe. Sadly people believe in the myth that nothing can be done to stop this devastation and regrow hair. If you do believe in the myth, then I suggest you read no further.

The hair loss/growth industry is filled with charlatans. As an example, one of the top selling hair vitamins, in the form of a gummy bear contains a known carcinogen,  blue dye  #1 and also 3 grams of sugar in every serving. I am not surprised that consumers purchase this unconditionally. For this product is promoted on Instagram by a tv reality star. People will continue to sell their soul.

As another example is Biotin. This vitamin is not required for hair growth! It’s a marketing ploy.

As a matter of fact, the FDA just lowered the Biotin daily requirement for adults! Biotin is only beneficial if one’s deficient. Very few people in the western world are deficient in Biotin.

Biotin is very, cheap to put into a capsule, pennies!  We could of included Biotin in our formula and make more sales. We are an honest company. Brands are selling mega doses that cost pennies and selling them for $30! They are taking your money and selling their soul.


Why Follicle Fuel is Different

We created this formula for ourselves out of vanity. Our mission was and still is, to create the most effective nutrient that would keep our hair thick, healthy, luscious our whole life long. Follicle Fuel works for both women and men.

We only put into the formula what hair needs to grow and these nutrients must be a whole food source which contain cofactors. This is another reason why other supplements don’t work. They are manufactured in a laboratory, synthesized, apart from nature and your body does not recognize these elements. 


The Beauty Herb and The Beauty Vitamin

Eclipta Alba, the Beauty Herb, the most popular herb used in India for hair rejuvenation. As a matter of fact, Eclipta rejuvenates, skin, nails and whole body!

Eclipta contains such abundance of nutrients, such as, Beta Sitosterol, Copper, Silica and plant sterols, all which help support hair growth and combat hair loss and thinning.

Follicle Fuel’s Eclipta is Organic, Non GMO, grown fresh in small batches in the United States.

All other forms of Eclipta are denatured extracts, GMO, pesticide sprayed powdered that have sat years in a warehouse and have lost their potency.

Follicle Fuel’s MSM is the most potent and purest form of Sulphur available.  MSM is known as the Beauty Vitamin, creating a glossing shiny to the hair and also enhancing one’s skin and nails!

MSM helps the body product Collagen and Keratin, two essential compounds involved in hair growth.

MSM ensures these compounds and other vital nutrients needed for hair growth is delivered on a cellular level to the hair follicles.

Follicle Fuel’s Organic Pomegranate Peel Powder is a great source of Vitamin C. Natural vitamin C in a whole food form, along with their cofactors paly a huge part in hair growth and the transport and absorptions of the needed nutrients to our hair cells. As an example, vitamin C helps with Iron absorption, which is needed for healthy, thick hair growth.

So in essence, we only need three ingredients to grow fuller, thicker, sexy hair….AS LONG AS THESE NUTRIENTS ARE FROM A WHOLE FOOD SOURCE WITH THEIR COFACTORS CONTAINED….AS NATURE INTENDED.

The most important concept to remember is that Follicle Fuel’s sources of food, herbs, contain nutrients needed for hair growth and preventing hair loss and thinning.  Other brands are adding these ingredients,  separately into their formula and the body does not recognize them, nor absorb them.