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Why Follicle Fuel works and truthfully no other hair supplement work is due to one thing. Our product is in a whole food form. You see, within our three nutrients, you will find: Biotin, Silica, Copper, Sulfur, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc and the list goes on. 

These critical elements are in a whole food form with their cofactors intact. This means that our body recognizes these nutrients, uses them. With our competitors, the elements are synthetic, man made, or should I say, made in a laboratory.

You see, we farm, grow, harvest and encapsulate our Follicle Fuel. We have total control of the product.

All Organic, NO Fillers, No Binders, NO Pesticides, No Flowing Agents.

You see you can take all the necessary nutrients for your hair growth, but if they are not natural you may as well save your money. 

It's a bit selfish of us as you see, we started out as you did...trying, buying all sorts of hair supplements but nothing worked. So with the help of some herbalist we developed our own and we found it grew hair for all of us. 

So that's our story, we then set out to make the very best, effective, natural hair supplement for everyone, Women, Men and of all Ethnic!

We wish you all the best regardless of what choice you make as we and you know, thinning hair is not fun.

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