Why Covid-19 Causes Hair Loss

As we stated in the previous blog from earlier this morning, people suffering with Covid-19 are experiencing drastic hair loss.

Doctors believe it's the body's survival mode working. Our primary organs are more important so the needed energy and nutrition to fight the infection goes the organs in our body.

Our point, that this scenario, hair loss associated with Covid-19, is the same with hair loss and hair growth experienced in general, apart from any defense needed by our body to fight a infection or disease. 

So the age old question of why one is losing their hair, experiencing dry, thin hair, is the result of lack of nutrition.

In general most western civilization are deficient in needed elements for hair growth. Yes, we have an abundance of food, but they do not contain nor carry the needed micro nutrients (plant sterols) to supply our hair with the energy to grow. 

You can eat all the fish, meat vegetables you want but your hair is looking for micro plant sterols found in certain herbs, vitamin and minerals. And of course these elements have to come from a food base product/source/supplement. Not manufactured nor synthesized by large vitamin companies, which is why other hair growth products don't work and ours does.

We here at Follicle Fuel wish everyone fighting Covid-19 all the best and health.

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