What Makes Our Hair Grow and Stops Thinning Hair?

First and foremost the needed nutrients we will reveal has to come from a whole food source which contain cofactors, needed for absorption. The reason why all other hair supplements don't grow hair nor stop hair loss is due to the fact that they use vitamins, minerals and herbs which are created synthetically. They are added into the formula as separate entities and our bodies do not recognize them, nor absorb them into our cells/hair. It's that simple.

We all know that before we take a hair supplement we have to start with a good diet that includes, water, protein and essential fatty acids. Such nutrition has to come from food also, not a pill.

What are hair needs to grow and stay thick and beautiful are:

Sulphur, Silica, Copper, Vitamin C and Beta Sitosterol. 

All these crucial elements and many more are found in Follicle Fuel in a whole food form with cofactors intact.

Please save your money and stop purchasing Biotin and B vitamins...THEY DO NOTHING BUT MAKE THE VITAMIN COMPANIES RICHER!


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