Reverse Thinning Hair for Both Men and Women and All Ethnics

All you need to reverse thinning hair and grow thick, luscious hair are 3 elements. 

Yes, just 3. Forget what all the other brands tell you, they are not concerned with your hair but your money. Forget genetics, it has been shown to play a very small part in hair loss and growth. It's nutrition. 

We developed Follicle Fuel initially for ourselves as we found out all the hair supplements were a waste of our money and time.

The 3 things your hair needs to grow full are: Sulfur, Vitamin C and the herb from India, Eclipta Alba.

Eclipta contains micro nutrients, copper, silica, biotin, beta sitosterol, zinc and more. These are in a natural food state. We grow our own Eclipta organically and it's fresh! No other hair company does that. 

Yes, our hair needs other things to grow, such as collagen....but this is the part that vitamin manufacturer and customers don't get...taking collagen supplements is useless...what you want to do is take vitamin c with sulfur which enables your body to product it's own collagen, better and more efficient. This is the same with all aspects of our micro nutrients. Give your body the building block and in it's brilliance it will work to grow full, thick hair. 

Follicle Fuel supplies the hair needed nutrients in a food form and is not manufactured synthetically as are all other hair supplements. The body, given such nutrients/building blocks will produce, keratin, collagen and all the essential element to grow the hair you desire at any age.

Eclipta has been know in India for centuries to rejuvenate the hair follicle. Our Eclipta is harvested twice a year, fresh and Follicle Fuel has no fillers, binders, flowing agents, preservatives. Just the 3 ingredients and a veggie capsule !

Follicle Fuel is grown, harvested and encapsulated in the United States.

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