Let's Review the Top 3 Selling Hair Vitamins

 Viviscal, Hair Bear Gummies and Phyto Phytophanere Hair & Nails Dietary Supplements

I will make this short, which will make my point. Almost every hair supplement on the market is crap, save your money.

Viviscal just sold the US rights of distribution to a huge marketing company. The product contains Amino Mar...a trademark name, very secretive. It's shark cartilage. There is no way on this planet that shark cartilage can help regrow hair. In fact, shark cartilage inhibits the growth of new capillaries which delivers blood to our needed cells and organs. Why would this be beneficial to a hair loss sufferer? I know why it would be beneficial to the company that sells it...$$$$$$

Hair Bear Gummies...we have some information on our landing page about this terrible vitamin indorsed by the kardashian (please note I did not capitalize the k on purpose). Trash and so is the deal they make do endorse this product for $$$$ in return on Instagram. Simply they are not effective and even harmful as they contain a cancer causing Blue Dye and 3 grams of sugar per serving. 

I am just trying to wake up the consumers who are experiencing hair loss and these companies are taking advantage of you at a vulnerable time. 

Lastly, Phyto Phytophanere THIS IS PERHAPS THE WORST...CONTAINS: HYDROGENATED SOY BEAN OIL (MEANING GENETICALLY MODIFIED) FDC YELLOW 6 DYE...FDC RED 40...FDC BLUE 1 (see the kardashian's) cereal flavor...Titanium Dioxide....all cancer causing.


Enough said, good night.

Follicle Fuel, Organic, Clean and Clear. We Sleep Good At Night. 





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