Follicle Fuel A Top Selling Hair Growth Vitamin on Amazon

My company, Follicle Fuel became a top seller on Amazon for hair growth supplements.

We had so many 5 star reviews, sales and testimonials. 

Three years ago, because people were getting amazing results from our product, our competitors took some drastic measures towards our prosperous company.

Sadly, due to this industry being filled with charlatans, we were removed overnight from Amazon. Our inventory was lost overnight by Amazon, our 5 star reviews removed and our competitors posted negative reviews on our Amazon seller page. Yes, you can purchase both positive and negative reviews and have them posted on Amazon seller pages. Amazon is a ruthless company. Some inside information, an average positive review can be purchase for $4 each and $5 for a negative (which is posted to a competitor). Amazon, a great site wouldn't you say?

You see, Amazon is in bed with these top sellers.

Follicle Fuel was taking sales away from the big vitamin brands on Amazon. who were selling and promoting more or less repacked multi vitamins which they still are.

That being said, we are not selling via Amazon nor ever will again. The issues of being the best comes with costs, as we found out. There are copy cats calling themselves "follicle fuel" and eCommerce companies infringing upon our trademark, such as, follicle fuel official/Jupiter labs.

Anyway, the good news is we regrouped and developed an even more effective hair growth supplement. We have been helping people, men and women, regrow their hair for almost a decade! All ethnics, hair types and ages.

  Follicle Fuel Came Back Strong, Better Than Ever Just As Your Hair Will Too by Taking Follicle Fuel Daily

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