African American Women Hair Loss is Growing

Hair loss is a growing problem for may women of color.

The hair loss among black women is a big issue, exacerbated by the use of wigs, hair pieces, micro braids and chemicals not always compatible with afro hair.

The question is, will women who care about their appearance ever give up the desire for quick fixes and instant beauty?

There is no quick fix to hair growth, nor beauty itself. Cosmetics are illusions and a coverup.

Taking care of your hair, preventing hair breakage and thinning hair is a daily, monthly and truthfully, a life long endeavor.

When chemicals and treatments cause breakage and your hair to fall out is the time to start taking "something" to regenerate your hair growth. If the follicle stays dormant too long without nutrients to grow out healthy they may never regrow.

Most of our customers are women of Ethnicity as they are more knowledgeable with hair challenges. Truthfully everybody should be more aware as hair loss starts many years before one even notices the hair starting to thin.

And yes, when you find a hair growth product that works, YOU NEED TO TAKE IT DAILY, MONTHLY AND WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO STOP? 

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