We Are In The Dark About Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Bottle, front labelcropped-increased-jpg-amazon.jpgKnowledge and being educated about hair loss and hair growth is the best defensive you can have against hair loss and start growing fuller, thicker hair.

Most people do not realize that over 96% of hair loss in Men and Women is due to the hormone DHT which attacks our hair follicle.

DHT causes inflammation within the hair follicle, which stops nutrient absorption needed for hair growth.

So we now know the two things we need to do to stop our hair loss and start growing fuller hair.

1 Stop the inflammation
2 Offer your hair the nutrition it needs.

Stop buying hair vitamins which are only repacked multi vitamins. The nutrition your hair requires for growth are plant sterols found in certain herbs, the best being Eclipta Prostrata found in India.

Follicle Fuel contains Beta Sitosterol which is derived from Pine Trees and is the most potent natural ingredient to stopping DHT. Better than most commonly used Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto causes side effects, such as sexual dysfunction. Beta Sitosterol has no side effects and in fact is good for you beyond just stopping hair loss.

Follicle Fuel contains a powerhouse herbal extract of Eclipta which is 10X more powerful than the herb itself. This will offer you so much in terms of nutrition for your hair, plant sterols.

Follicle Fuel will rejuvenate your hair if taken daily for at least 3 months.

Please note that not even Follicle Fuel will be effective unless you give the protocol a try, nothing works in a month’s time. So whatever product you decide to take, give it time.

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