“I take Follicle Fuel supplements every day.” says Marta Wohrle from Truth In Aging, in her article: Hair Growth Products That Work.

“I started my fourth bottle of Follicle Fuel and my hair has never looked this shiny in my whole life. I also am losing so much less hair when I wash it or comb it. It really has cut down on it coming out. I am so happy. I can’t believe how great this is working” Madeline, M Staten Island, NY

“I have been using Follicle Fuel for about a month and a half. While I know I have not seen the full results, expected yet. I do know my hair has been shedding less than usual which alone excited me” Diane, Curly Wavy Diane: Hair & Beauty Reviews

“I noticed increased hair growth on a few of my clients. I ask what they are doing and they told me they are taking Follicle Fuel. I called the company up to become a reseller” Ruby Ruben, Owner of  Ruby Styles Hair Salon – Great Neck, NY

“I initially purchased Follicle Fuel because my eyelashes were thinning. Not only have my eyelashes grown in fuller, my hair dresser told me my hair is growing in as well” Lynn O, New Zealand

“I noticed my hair thinning and after two months of taking Follicle Fuel my hair is fuller and thicker and friends have noticed increased growth! I will never be without Follicle Fuel!” Sarah K Great Neck, NY

“This stuff is amazing. My hair is as full as when I was back in school” Shelly P, New York NY

Redhead_close_up“I have taken many hair vitamins with little noticeable improvement. I do notice less hair shedding and what I like about Follicle Fuel is the cost, it is very reasonable. To purchase individually all the ingredients within the formula would be so expensive. I don’t know how they sell it so low.” Brian Beach Los Angeles, CA

“Just started taking FF as I learned about Fo Ti can cause liver issues from a prior product I was taking. I like how simply and uncomplicated they explain about hair loss. Their explaination removes the mystery associatted with hair loss that we grew up with. Whatever you do or take, stop DHT from aging your hair, that’s the trick” Rick Moss Portland, ME

“My visit to my hairdresser turned out to be the best visit ever. She pointed out to me that my hair was thinning out which was something I already knew.I thought it was normal for a woman who is going through menopause. Anyway long story short she introduced me to follicle fuel and I have been taking it for two months now. The result have been like Wow…. My hair is shiny its getting fuller and thicker. Thank you Follicle Fuel for bringing life back to my crowning glory” Sharon R. Old Westbury, NY

“Just Keeps Getting Better…”
“My reason for taking the product was never for hair growth; however, it has definitely accelerated it to the point that I could easily color my hair every three weeks now instead of my usual four weeks. As I continue to take the product, I hope to see improvement in overall thickness” L. Coll, FL

“Bought this for my husband who is turning 40 and has a receding hairline. Follicle Fuel is so much better than topical products and safer too. I rather have him take this than anything else out there on the market filled with chemicals, etc. We’re huge believers in alternative healing and supplements, so glad that there is finally a product such as this.” – Jennifer, NJ

“I’m on my 4th bottle of Follicle Fuel and would like to share the exciting results with you.

I was always very proud of my thick curly hair.  May hair was my crowning glory until two years ago when I noticed that my hair was falling out and I was developing a thin patch on the back of my head.  Gone was the luster I was always so proud of to say nothing of its failing condition.  I tried many different shampoos and conditioners but to no avail, when a friend suggested I try Follicle Fuel.

My hair has stopped falling out, is shiny, the curls are vibrant and bouncy, and most important; my hair is in great condition and easy to handle.I intend using Follicle Fuel for a long time and recommend it wholeheartedly. With grateful thanks to your company.” – Sara W, NYC