Follicle Fuel

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Nobody wants to lose their hair.
But very few people truly understand why hair loss happens.

Forget the myth that hair loss is due to genetics. It’s due to your sensitivity to the hormone DHT. Our sensitivity increases with age (as does hair loss).

Along with increased sensitivity comes inflammation in the hair follicle. Inflammation stops nutrients from being absorbed by the follicle. Hair does not get nourishment to grow thick and healthy. This causes our hair to thin, dull and fall out.

The good news is that our increased sensitivity can be lowered. Follicle Fuel’s Beta-Sitosterol from European Pine trees lower DHT better than any other natural ingredient. Also, Follicle Fuel contains the most powerful hair growth rejuvenation herb, Eclipta Prostrata, from India. Our Eclipta Prostrata is specially formulated to be ten times more potent than any other.

One last thing: don’t expect results overnight. Give any protocol you choose the needed time. But you can have full, thick hair for the rest of your life. Get educated about your hair loss and stop it. Forget the myth of genetics and “there is nothing you can do about it”. Start growing fuller, thicker, sexy hair.

Follicle Fuel is manufactured in the USA. Product information is on the labels (click on images to enlarge).

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