How It Works

Follicle Fuel is the most comprehensive formula for renewed hair growth and preventing hair loss for men and women.

Follicle Fuel worked years with one of the top herbalist in the United States to create the most effective hair supplement possible. No expense or necessary ingredient was spared creating this balanced, proprietary formula.

As an added benefit you will experience taking Follicle Fuel daily beyond increased hair thickness, growth and rejuvenation, our customers have noticed healthier, younger looking skin, nails and eyelashes. Some of our customers have even noticed their hair color and texture has reversed back to its original color and texture!

Follicle Fuel contains the most powerful, natural nutrient for lowering and stopping sensitivity to DHT , Beta Sitosterol. As we now know, lowering our sensitivity to DHT is our first step in preventing hair loss and thinning.  DHT sensitivity is what causes our hair to age.

Beta Sitosterol is a natural plant derived phytosterol.  Beta Sitosterol is all natural, safe and Follicle Fuel’s Beta Sitosterol is certified Non GMO. Beta Sitosterol is also more effective blocking DHT than Saw Palmetto and has no side effects.

Upon lowering our sensitivity to DHT what we need to do is supply our hair with specific nutrients needed for proper growth on a daily basis. Hair requires special nutrients to grow properly as does every other part of our bodies. Though, our hair is the last part of our bodies to receive their nutrients. More critical parts of our bodies, such as our heart and lungs, consume our daily nutrients. Furthermore, traditional western diets are lacking in necessary nutrients needed for proper hair growth.

That being said, it’s important to supplement our diet with necessary hair nutrients. These critical and specific nutrients are best derived from whole plant based food sources, herbal extracts for improved potency and absorption. Most hair growth remedies are not herbal based extracts and are synthesized vitamins which our bodies do not recognize or absorb.

Follicle Fuel contains the most effective, natural hair rejuvenative herbal extract, Eclipta, needed for increased hair growth.

Daily supplementation of Follicle Fuel will increase your hair growth, add luster and shine to your hair and prevent your hair from aging (which is what hair loss is)!