Hair Loss

Why do so many people purchase hair growth product and expect results in a months time? It’s crazy. It’s so crazy and I am concerned of customers expecting such results.

Hair loss is due to years, not months, of neglect. But everyone wants to have a quick fix. There is no such thing with regards to hair loss and hair growth.

As an example, if one purchases CoQ10 for cardio health and then after a months time they stop using the product and expect continued results, one would say, are you serious. It takes months of use of such a supplement to attain certain blood levels.

I need some enlightenment on what goes on in peoples minds with regards to hair loss. We have the best product to prevent further hair loss and offer increased hair growth. But Follicle Fuel will only work with many months of use. We are being honest and we don’t write phony reviews on amazon as our competitors do no do we say we are the number one hair growth, hair loss product. How can there be so many number one sellers?

We don’t offer quick fixes as the other WHICH BY THE WAY ARE ONLY REPACKED MULTI VITMAINS.

We want customers that are knowledgeable or want to be informed about hair loss and hair growth.

Follicle Fuel

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