Hair Loss Vitamins Expectations

Just the other day, Follicle Fuel’s Amazon seller product page received two reviews.

One was a 5 star review from a customer who is taking Follicle Fuel for over 4 months. He is noticing hair growth and is very happy as one would expect. He will continue happily taking Follicle Fuel into the future. We have a happy customer that stopped his hair loss and is growing fuller, thicker hair.

The second review was two star review. Just completing his second bottle, his second month of taking Follicle Fuel Steve wrote a negative review. As on our bottle, there should be no noticeable improvement in hair growth unless the product is taking for a min of 3 months. Why he would do this I don’t know.

The truth is 99 percent of people expect to see result in in 30-60 days and this is impossible. Not that a product such as Follicle Fuel may stop hair loss or regrow hair but there is no way of seeing the results as it takes the hair follicle to reach the scalp at least 3 months. Now if you want to check your hair loss and regrow new thicker hair, one has to take Follicle Fuel twice a day for the continuation you want to maintain your hair.

Why is it that people think they only have to take a hair product 30 and that’s it? Do we only have to brush our teeth for a month and we are good to go? I guess so Steve…please purchase another product and leave us along, keep writing those reviews and the best part is you don’t have to purchase anymore tooth brushes or paste!


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