Hair Loss Is Not Associated with Genetics as Most Believe, You Have Control of Your Hair Loss

As we age, both men and women’s sensitivity to the hormone DHT increases. With this increase, comes increased hair loss and thinning. Why? Because DHT causes inflammation within the hair follicle, causing the follicle to thin and wither away from lack of nutrient absorption.

Unless you stop or lower your DHT sensitivity daily, you will experience hair loss to various degrees with age.

The good news is that hair loss and hair growth is not as much associated with genetics as most commonly believed. DHT, unlike genetics, can be controlled.

Stop believing in the myth of hair loss, that there is nothing you can do about. You can be in control of hair loss by controlling your sensitivity to DHT.

The most powerful nutrient, Beta Sitosterol derived from pine trees blocks and lowers DHT sensitivity better than medication or other natural elementsincreased jpg amazon such as the most commonly used herb, Saw Palmetto.

There is more good news, Beta Sitosterol has no side effects unlike Saw Palmetto which can cause sexual dysfunction.

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