Hair Loss and Hair Growth, It’s Slow Path

The challenge we face, both men and women with regards to hair loss and hair growth is the slow rate of noticeable change we see, for better or worse concerning the condition of our hair appearance.

Without getting too technical, our hair cells regenerate at an extremely slow rate when compared to other parts of our bodily, such as, our skin, stomach or brain cells, for  example.

On top of this slow pace, it also takes at least 60-90 days to “see” noticeable results in terms of new hair growth as the hair follicle lies well beneath the surface of the scalp.

Here’s the kicker, to see noticeable hair loss, this takes a much longer time, even years!

So if your giving a new hair growth product a try, the best thing you can do is give it time, at least 3-6 months of continued use.

If you want to prevent hair loss, the sooner you take steps the better and please don’t wait till you see noticeable hair thinning, as this would imply your hair loss has been developing for years.

We at Follicle Fuel have stated prior, most of us neglect our hair and are often clueless as to how we can prevent hair loss or prevent our hair from aging, which are the same thing.

Upon the age of twenty to thirty we recommend both men and women start the prevention of hair loss by taking Beta Sitosterol to keep DHT in check. This will certainly help you prevent hair loss but will not offer help with your hair growth.

For continued hair growth it is necessary to supply your hair with critical herbal extracts known for hair regrowth, such as Eclipta Alba, Ligustrum Fruit, Silica from Bamboo and MSM, sulfur for beautiful, glossy hair.

All that being said, Follicle Fuel makes it all very easy for you, within our formula you will find the necessary ingredients for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.









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