Hair Loss

Hair loss is the result of years of neglecting our hair. In other words, by not lowering our DHT even before we are experiencing hair loss we are setting are selves up to loosing our hair.

That being said, if you are noticing hair loss, thinning hair please don’t expect any product to work in a months time. Remember it took years of inflammation due to DHT ravaging our hair to become noticeable. Give any protocol you desire to take many months if not more.

Follicle Fuel is a two fold hair loss, hair growth product.

First, Follicle Fuel lowers your DHT sensitivity stopping inflammation within the follicle, this allows the follicle to receive it’s needed nutrition.

The needed nutrition is not vitamins as commonly thought but micro nutrients found in herbs, also known as plant sterols. Specific ones.

Follicle Fuel offers your hair a powerhouse of plant sterols.

Remember, don’t give up after a month, we need continued use to see healthy hair growth.

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