Frequently Asked Questions

help-97859_640Why choose Follicle Fuel?
While some companies offer a hair supplement as just one of a long line of various vitamins and supplements, the team at Follicle Fuel spent years perfecting one product, a daily supplement to help support hair growth for men and women. We incorporate the highest quality herbs, vitamins and minerals available. Follicle Fuel is manufactured in the United States within a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility. Follicle Fuel is gluten-free, vegetarian, and contains Non-GMO Beta Sitosterol.

We chose not to include ineffective ingredients into our formula as our competitors have chosen. Often hair supplements are merely multi vitamins that are marketed as hair growth products. They contain a dusting of amino acids, B vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids which are of insignificant amounts and should be obtained from your daily diet, food.

Ingredients, such as, amino acids, protein and essential fatty acids are macro nutrients that need to be in high dosages and must come from food. There is simply not enough room in a vitamin capsule to supply our hair with effective amounts of such critical nutrients.

Follicle Fuel does not contain the herbs, He Shou Wu (Fo Ti) and Saw Palmetto. These herbs have been associated with possible liver damage and serious side effects.

How does Follicle Fuel promote new hair growth?
Follicle Fuel promotes hair growth in two ways. First, Follicle Fuel prevents DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from attacking hair follicles and secondly supplies our hair with necessary nutrients needed for hair growth. Follicle Fuel contains the most powerful anti DHT blockers such as Beta Sitosterol and the most effective, all-natural ingredients known to promote healthy, fuller hair growth. As an added benefit by supplementing your diet with Follicle Fuel, you will experience increased health and growth of your hair, skin, nail and eyelashes.

How soon will I see new hair growth?
You will experience less hair loss the first month and increased hair growth within 3-6 months.
Hair cells rejuvenate at a much slower pace than other parts of our bodies so please be patient.

Will Follicle Fuel cause new hair growth in unwanted places?

Follicle Fuel is only designed to block DHT absorption into hair (scalp) follicles, and to deliver essential nutrients for proper hair follicle growth. Follicle Fuel cannot grow new hair follicles; it can only affect hair growth on pre-existing hair follicles that may have become weakened over time through the effects of DHT and nutritional imbalances.

Does Follicle Fuel work for women and men?
Yes. Most hair loss for men and women is caused by DHT.

Will I need to use Follicle Fuel forever?
Maintaining your hair health is a lifelong commitment. Your hair is no different from other parts of your body which requires specific nutrients for proper health.

How is Follicle Fuel different?
Our company is concerned with only one objective, to make the best hair supplement possible. Follicle Fuel proprietary formula was developed by one of the top herbalist in the world. We spared no expense making this formula, including very expensive ingredients at necessary effective dosages to support hair health and growth. Follicle Fuel is manufactured in the United States. More vitamin companies are now manufacturing their products overseas.

Is hair loss reversible?
Yes! Most types of hair loss are reversible. With proper nourishment, damaged and newly dormant hair follicles can be repaired and even reactivated, resulting in new hair growth.

Who Should Take Follicle Fuel?
Anyone wanting to keep the hair they have and grow thicker fuller hair. As we grow older, DHT will cause our hair to become thinner, duller and brittle. Our hair needs special nutritional support to maintain its fullness and luster. Even if you are not experiencing hair loss and have a full head of hair, prevention is the key to keeping the hair you have!

Can Follicle Fuel be used in conjunction with prescription medications?
We suggest you consult with your doctor if you are taking medication before starting a protocol with Follicle Fuel just as you would for any supplements added to your daily diet.

Follicle Fuel should not be used if becoming pregnant, during pregnancy or nursing. Keep out of reach from children.