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Hair Loss

Hair loss is the result of years of neglecting our hair. In other words, by not lowering our DHT even before we are experiencing hair loss we are setting are selves up to loosing our hair.

That being said, if you are noticing hair loss, thinning hair please don’t expect any product to work in a months time. Remember it took years of inflammation due to DHT ravaging our hair to become noticeable. Give any protocol you desire to take many months if not more.

Follicle Fuel is a two fold hair loss, hair growth product.

First, Follicle Fuel lowers your DHT sensitivity stopping inflammation within the follicle, this allows the follicle to receive it’s needed nutrition.

The needed nutrition is not vitamins as commonly thought but micro nutrients found in herbs, also known as plant sterols. Specific ones.

Follicle Fuel offers your hair a powerhouse of plant sterols.

Remember, don’t give up after a month, we need continued use to see healthy hair growth.

Hair Loss

Why do so many people purchase hair growth product and expect results in a months time? It’s crazy. It’s so crazy and I am concerned of customers expecting such results.

Hair loss is due to years, not months, of neglect. But everyone wants to have a quick fix. There is no such thing with regards to hair loss and hair growth.

As an example, if one purchases CoQ10 for cardio health and then after a months time they stop using the product and expect continued results, one would say, are you serious. It takes months of use of such a supplement to attain certain blood levels.

I need some enlightenment on what goes on in peoples minds with regards to hair loss. We have the best product to prevent further hair loss and offer increased hair growth. But Follicle Fuel will only work with many months of use. We are being honest and we don’t write phony reviews on amazon as our competitors do no do we say we are the number one hair growth, hair loss product. How can there be so many number one sellers?

We don’t offer quick fixes as the other WHICH BY THE WAY ARE ONLY REPACKED MULTI VITMAINS.

We want customers that are knowledgeable or want to be informed about hair loss and hair growth.

Follicle Fuel

We Are In The Dark About Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Bottle, front labelcropped-increased-jpg-amazon.jpgKnowledge and being educated about hair loss and hair growth is the best defensive you can have against hair loss and start growing fuller, thicker hair.

Most people do not realize that over 96% of hair loss in Men and Women is due to the hormone DHT which attacks our hair follicle.

DHT causes inflammation within the hair follicle, which stops nutrient absorption needed for hair growth.

So we now know the two things we need to do to stop our hair loss and start growing fuller hair.

1 Stop the inflammation
2 Offer your hair the nutrition it needs.

Stop buying hair vitamins which are only repacked multi vitamins. The nutrition your hair requires for growth are plant sterols found in certain herbs, the best being Eclipta Prostrata found in India.

Follicle Fuel contains Beta Sitosterol which is derived from Pine Trees and is the most potent natural ingredient to stopping DHT. Better than most commonly used Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto causes side effects, such as sexual dysfunction. Beta Sitosterol has no side effects and in fact is good for you beyond just stopping hair loss.

Follicle Fuel contains a powerhouse herbal extract of Eclipta which is 10X more powerful than the herb itself. This will offer you so much in terms of nutrition for your hair, plant sterols.

Follicle Fuel will rejuvenate your hair if taken daily for at least 3 months.

Please note that not even Follicle Fuel will be effective unless you give the protocol a try, nothing works in a month’s time. So whatever product you decide to take, give it time.

Hair Growth Nutrients Save Your Money

Macro and Micro Nutrients are critical elements needed for proper hair growth and health.

Please don’t waste your time and money on purchasing hair growth supplements that offer “macro” nutrients, such as, essential fatty acids, protein, amino acids.

Macro nutrients are best if derived from our diet, so supplementation of these nutrients are not needed and as a matter of fact, to obtain enough macro nutrients we have to receive them form our diet. Vitamins found in pill and capsule form, can not offer an adequate amount of macro nutrients your hair needs to make effective, positive hair growth changes.

So next time you pick up a hair supplement at your local vitamin store, read the ingredients. The chances are pretty good the product will be a repackaged “Multi Vitamin”, containing B Vitamins, Marine Protein, Cysteine and Essential Fatty Acids. Upon reading the ingredients it’s best to put the product back down on the shelf and walk out the store, cause once you get home, there’s plenty of the above mentioned “stuff” in your refrigerator…such as, Fish, Eggs, Olive Oil and Bread!

More importantly than Macro Nutrients, you hair needs Micro Nutrients for continued growth and preventing hair loss. These trace elements are lacking in most western diets and much be obtained outside our diet daily for continued hair growth and luster.

Micro nutrients are best derived from herbs, which supply our hair with trace nutrients, such as, silica and plant sterols.

Silica keeps our hair strong and shinny. Follicle Fuel’s formula contains silica from the Bamboo plant which is over 10 times more potent than other forms of silica. Our formula also includes Non GMO Beta Sitosterol, a plant sterol derived from vegetables.

Plant sterols provide defense for our hair from hormone DHT, and as we know, this hormone attacks our hair and causes it to fall out and age.

Here at Follicle Fuel we welcome your comments and questions. We also welcome informed consumers and always ask you to compare competing brands and formulas.

We ask this as we are sure you will be impressed with the ingredients Follicle Fuel has chosen, offering you the most complete and most effective hair supplement available!